[core ~]$ cat about.txt

Q: Who are you?

A: I'm core, an independent freelance software developer and video editor.

Q: What do you make?

A: I make lots of different things. You can see all the projects I am involved in here. This list isn't complete though.

Q: What programming languages/technologies do you use?

A: All of them! In all seriousness, for each project (if it's not too important) I try to learn some new technique, technology or language. If I am making something important, I'll use something I am comfortable with, typically Svelte for web-anything and Rust for everything else. I also use Python quite a lot. You can scroll through the project page and each project has a listing of what language or technology was used to build it.

Q: Who do you work with?

A: Most of the time I'm working with my buddies in e3team.

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